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Auto drip coffee refers to the process of brewing coffee using an automatic drip coffee maker. This type of coffee maker is popular in homes and workplaces due to its convenience and ease of use. Auto drip coffee makers control the entire brewing process, including water temperature, flow rate, and duration. This ensures a consistent cup of coffee every time.

What you will need:
  • Freshly roasted Centurion Coffee
  • Brewer
  • Paper Filter
  • Scale
  • Water
  • Mugs
Brew Guide: (4-5 Cups)
  • Grind – 60g coffee (Medium grind like sugar)
  • Water – 1L (200F and 30s off boil)
  • Ratio – 1:16.5
  • Total Time – Varies depending on your machine

Step 1: Fold ridge on paper filter and place in basket. Pre-heat and rinse filter with hot water (discard waste water).

Step 2: Weigh out the desired amount of ground coffee.

Step 3: Add coffee to brew basket and gently shake the coffee bed level; position basket above urn.

Step 4: Fill the water reservoir with 1 litre of filtered or spring water.

Step 5: Press “Auto” button to begin brew cycle. After the coffee has finished dripping from the basket, turn the brewer off and serve. Brew times range depending on your machine.

Pour into the cup and enjoy!